Vice Versa Nr 02, 2018

Vice Versa II is a site specific curatorial act in which different members of the staff of the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam are asked to perform a changing of the hanging, each and every week, of the sequence of a series of twelve paintings presented in the exhibition. Also the first hanging is done by a member of this staff and not by Rosa Johanna herself. An artist is not a curator and vice versa. However in Johanna’s case both postions seem to merge in one person flawlessly. The act of artists installing their own work in a solo exhibition is never seen as one of curating, but rather seen as integral part of the work or installation itself. The question arises what happens if an artist integrates this unusual role of curator in the distribution and presentation of her/his work. Johanna’s role as curator is not really one of curating ones own work which would make this act rather superfluous. Rather seems to add another route of distribution by passing an important part of this act over the to the environment her work is invited to be shown in. In this specific case a group consisting of members of the staff of the museum that are interested and willing to participate in taking this role upon them. Thus her role of curating this event behind the scenes is rendered rather invisible, moreover that what is expected of artists hanging their own paintings is now actively shared with its environment in a way that both her role as artist and as curator becomes one of mutual participation.