Sleep Talking

A sleepover at Project Space Roos Breeuwer on Wednesday 16th April 2014, from 16:00hr.

All things vocal, oral, ingested, spoken, slurred, sung, shouted and snored will be celebrated from the late afternoon into the night.

The Project Space will provide a shelter to continue the conversation into the night, to sleep on it, to dream, to wake up with our hair disheveled, to get to know each other better…

17:00 video screenings, performance from Anna Frijstein “How to Sleep for Money”
18:00 Michelle will lead a re-enactment of Lygia Clark’s 1973 event Baba Antropofágica [Cannibalistic Slobber]. This event is designed for 2B members to participate in.
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Cindy Moorman – Revisiting Museum Nacht and a discussion on her new performance projects
21:30 video screenings and drinks
22:00 Live performance from The Tight Jans
23:00 DJ Sets, featuring Carolin Hansson and Uffe

There is room in the schedule for spontaneous interventions, so seize your moment.

This event has been supported by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Mondriaan Fonds