Latitude: 52.377219° I Longitude: 4.93873°, 2017


“We take a line for a walk”. We walk that line repeatedly. Each time our steps are synchronised and the thick wool of our winter coats touches. Still, it seems we haven’t walked the same stones. Our bodies are exhausted differently. One’s breathing does not correspond with that of the other. Is travelling a solitary act, or can two bodies adjust to each other so that two eyes catch a leaf falling?

Repeat, to repeat repeating, repeatedly.

Every moment embraces a small change and each time the screen shifts. On the screen a 15 minutes visual dialogue between two people. A composition of reverberating sentences that are intuitively figured. Split and repeated, their sentences hold an attempt to define their journeys.

During the event organised by the Dusty Writing Group, we will show a collaborative film by Rosa Johanna and Anastasija Pandilovska.