Lezing 3: Julia Cremers and Lena kocutar

Lena Kocutar (1997, Maribor) and Julia Cremers (1993, Eindhoven) work with a variety of media, amongst which video, field recordings, computer generated imagery, organic material and installation. From a shared interest in the agency found in storytelling and the idea that (cultural) identities and interpersonal relationships are embodied experiences, their collaboration attempts to formulate new forms of social practices and works with history as a material process.

Also active as autonomous artists, they started collaborating under the Berlin based art and science collective PARALLAX Lab, in 2020. Growing around workshops, transdisciplinary exchanges and group discussions, PARALLAX supports collaborative projects in a nonhierarchical environment. Since then, they have presented their work at After The Butcher Gallery Berlin, Schüssel Space Vienna and Floating University Berlin.
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